Castel Guelfo – Le Betulle

Castel Guelfo - Bolonia, Italia 136,231 sqm | Q2 2025/ Phase 1

The logistics hub is in Castel Guelfo di Bologna, a town in the Emilia-Romagna region located in a new district of Imola. At a strategic point between Northern and Central Italy.

The area is one of the country’s major manufacturing centres. The location of the logistics hub makes it especially attractive owing to its motorway links, airports and proximity to Bologna, Imola and Ravenna.

Warehouse specifications

  • Plot surface area: 249,528 sqm
  • Phase 1 – 77,097 sqm. Modules between 14,700 sqm and 18,000 sqm
  • Phase 2 – 59,133 sqm
  • Loading docks: 174
  • Minimum guaranteed manoeuvring area 36m
  • Free storage height: 11.10m
  • Access ramps: 9
  • Floor area: 50kN/sqm.
  • Closed enclosure with surveillance.
  • LED lighting system


  • LEED® Platinum certification goal
  • Photovoltaic installation
  • BMS in each building
  • Parking spaces for light vehicles: 491
  • Parking spaces for heavy vehicles: 101
  • Parking spaces for electric vehicles: 83
  • Representative building

Office specifications

  • WELL® certified offices
  • Extended daylight illumination
  • LED lighting system
  • VRV air conditioning



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